November 18, 2014

Hello all! A lot has happened since our last post...Ms. Sadie Elizabeth Schuster entered this world on Nov 14 at 5:45 am.  She weighed in at 6 lbs. 9 oz. and looks very much like her older brother.  Sadie came very quickly as was expected.  She was immediately taken by the NICU team to run some quick tests.  She passed them all and we got to hold her for a solid 10 minutes before they needed to take her away.  She spent about 2 hours in the NICU before being transferred over to the cardiac care unit at Lurie Children's Hospital.  It was a few more hours before we were able to see her.  We finally got to spend a little time with her and she was doing very well.  After visiting with her for a few hours, we took a nap as we had not really slept since early Thursday and it was now Friday evening.  Since then, Sadie has been doing very well.  She was on an oxygen tube for a while, but that has been removed and she is breathing and maintaining her blood oxygen levels at a good level on her own.  She is also eating like a champ and they were able to remove her IV feeding tube very quickly.  Today she was taken in for a CT scan so the surgeons can map how they will put the shunt in.  Hopefully we have more news and a schedule for the surgery sometime today.  We are hoping to have her home in time for Xgiving, even if that may be slightly optimistic of us.  On a side note, our little boy turned 2 yesterday and he is happy spending quality time with his Nana. Yes, their birthdays are 2 days apart....get ready for dual birthdays with a dinosaur princess theme...



*Originally posted to our family blog.


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