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Happy First Birthday Sadie

How is it possible that it's already been a year since our sweet Sadie was born?

Our lives were forever changed on November 14, 2014 at 5:45 a.m. when Sadie Elizabeth Schuster entered the world. She would only be with us for 23 days, but that was enough time to change our lives forever.

Today we should be throwing her a party, watching her tear open presents and smash cake in her face. But she is not here to do any of those things. We know that we will never get to celebrate her birthdays with her, but that will not stop us from celebrating her. Today we will celebrate the amazing person that she was, is, and always will be.

We will be visiting a local not-for-profit organization called the Chicago Children's Advocacy Center today to donate some toys for their play room in Sadie's memory. The Center and its partners are the front-line responders to reports of child sexual abuse, as well as reports of physical abuse of children under age 3. They coordinate the efforts of child protection staff, law enforcement professionals, family advocates, medical experts and mental health clinicians to help children and families affected by abuse.

Elliot has requested that we sing to Sadie on her birthday. We bought her a cupcake with purple frosting and a "1" candle. Elliot is happy to blow out his sister's candle for her and to eat her cupcake. He talks about Sadie all the time. Every time he sees a heart, a baby or anything purple, he tells us it reminds him of his sister. Sometimes he even takes the picture of the two of them off his shelf and puts it across from him as he plays so that she can play with him. We all miss and love her so much.

Happy first birthday Sadie. Wish you were here.

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