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335 Heart Foundation's 3rd Annual Heart of a Warrior 5K Dedicated to Sadie

A huge thank you to everyone who donated and/or came out to walk/run at the Heart of a Warrior 5K in honor of Sadie on September 2nd! Our family was touched to see so many of our friends and family there to support us. With close to 200 attendees and $5,000 raised, this year's Heart of a Warrior was a huge success! 335 Heart Foundation (335) raised enough to help several families who applied for grants for assistance with financial needs due to long hospital stays and funeral costs. Our family is happy to be part of an organization that helps families when they need it most and we are so touched that this year's event was dedicated to Sadie.

335 was created by the amazing Jeff and Kristina Smith in honor of their daughter, Morgan, who died from her congenital heart defect (CHD). Their mission is to help alleviate the array of financial burdens placed on families during a hospital stay. No parent should have to choose between being able to sit by their critically ill child's side and having to go to work to pay the mortgage and put food on the table. Further, like Sadie, many of these heart kids do die. Not all families can afford to bury their child and/or to have a funeral if that is their wish. 335 has helped several families pay for a funeral and purchase a headstone for their child, without whom life will never be the same.

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